Consignment Policy & Pricing

Payment Policy – We are proud to announce that we offer more to the consignee than most consignment stores.

The Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price when sold within the 35-day consignment period.

All Consignors must sign an agreement policy. The May Court Nearly New Shop is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

General Consignment Policy Information – Please Read

  • Upon inspection, items will be accepted and priced by Nearly New Shop staff with input from the consignee.
  • Items are consigned for a 35-day time period.  End date is printed on your ‘take in’ receipt. Make note of that date.
  • Items not sold within the 35 day consignment period become property of The May Court Nearly New Shop.

    Prices are reduced by 50%.  Profits of sold items go to supported charities.

  • Items may be removed from the floor if they are found to be unacceptable at a later date. (sometimes our staff may miss stains, etc.)  You will be notified by phone to pick up your item.

If you have any questions, please contact our May Court Nearly New Shop.

When can I bring items in to consign?

We welcome shoppers and are accepting consignment take-ins by appointment. To make an appointment please call us during business hours at (905-845-4932)


Sunday: Closed

Monday: 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Saturdays   12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Last Consignment Date: Please check our shop calendar for specific dates for the current year.

We Accept Donations!

We gladly accept donations any time.  Please note that donations must follow the same requirements as consigned items. Please let us know if you wish to mark the profits of your donation to benefit one of the following options:

Requirements of Items to be Consigned or Donated:

Clothes must be currently fashionable, in current season, excellent condition, clean with no stains, rips, holes, or discoloration please. Zippers must work and all buttons attached.

Shoes will be accepted if in very good condition, clean soles, and free of any worn down areas.

Household Items must be in full working order.  Manuals are always helpful.

Seasonal Merchandise – Here are some general guidelines on when to bring in your items.

Fall items accepted September and October

Winter items accepted November, December & January

Spring & Summer items accepted February, March, April, May

Jewelry, General Decor & Household Items accepted September to June.

Prom Dresses:  Typically March (please check with the store)

Please note that the staff may alert our consignors to restrictions based on inventory of certain item

Please Note That We Do Not Accept:

Children’s Clothing

Men’s Clothing



Under-Garments & Lingerie

Pajamas, Robes or Housecoats

Bathing Suits

Items valued at under $8.00 ea.

We thank you for supporting the May Court Nearly New Shop, where 100% of the net profits directly benefit the community.