Our Programs and Services

We are proud of our three long-standing in-house programs that we service and support financially with funds raised from our May Court Nearly New Shop, fundraising events, and with the generosity of sponsorships and donors.


For 60 years, we have been financially supporting Oakville youth with their post-secondary education dreams. The criteria for students to be eligible includes having a more than average financial need and demonstrating a commitment to the community at large, or the school environment through volunteerism. All Oakville High Schools participate. Past recipients are also eligible to apply for scholarships throughout their entire post-secondary education. Typically, the financial needs do not disappear after the first year, and neither do we! Over the years, 1.4 million dollars in scholarships have been granted!


High School Applicants – Due Date is April 28, 2022

Past Recipient Application – Due Date is March 28, 2022

Please visit the May Court Scholarship Program located in About Us for additional information.

If you have any queries please email – scholarships@maycourt.ca

Thank You to our Scholarship Sponsors & Donors

We’re always looking for sponsorships and donors for our Scholarship Program. The most difficult part of this program is not being able to help everyone! We would like to thank the following businesses and families for their support with dedicated scholarship grants.

The Goddard Group Foundation – Supporter Since 2008

Walton Family Foundation – Supporter Since 2012

Contact Scholarship Program



Our Lunch Box Program has been in operation since 1989, one of the first of its kind. Over the years, we worked our way to delivering nutritious snacks to over 44 schools in Oakville and Burlington. In 2015, May Court initiated an Ad Hoc Committee to research the needs of schools today, and to learn where duplication of other nutritional programs occurred. For the first time, a round table of nutritional program leaders along with the Halton School Board and Oakville Community Foundation came together. The meeting was welcomed and enlightening. Decisions and new relationships were formed. All programs benefited in serving the needs of our students, without duplication or waste. For May Court, we moved toward continuing to service only the schools that were being under-served (approx. 20 schools). May Court will continue to develop other programs where students are being under-served nutritionally.


May Court loves to build relationships with other community organizations looking for volunteers to help them run their day to day operations.


Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House:  May Court Club volunteers serve in a variety of roles at Birmingham Gilgan House, such as answering phones, pick up and drive Wellspring clients to their appointments, and more.  This “home-like” location for clients with Cancer is a warm & happy place.


Wyndham Manor Seniors Program:  May Court volunteers spend time with Wyndham Manor residents with activities such as reading, playing board games or simply having a conversation.


Food 4 Kids:  After our round table discussions on nutrition programs in schools, May Court learned that the fabulous Food 4 Kids program was looking for help.  So now, May Court volunteers spend time helping them pack up nutritious food & produce that gets delivered to children who struggle to be fed over the weekend. Every Friday targeted students are given a bag filled with enough food to help feed the family over the weekend. May Court also continues to financially support this program as well.


If you are interested in supporting any of our programs through sponsorship or donation, please contact our  (Sponsorship Director) and let’s start a discussion!  Thank you!