Our Programs and Services

We are proud of our three in-house programs that we service and support financially with funds raised from our May Court Nearly New Shop, fundraising events, and with the generosity of sponsorships and donors.


For 60 years, we have been financially supporting Oakville youth with their post-secondary education dreams. The criteria for students to be eligible includes having a more than average financial need and demonstrating a commitment to the community at large, or the school environment through volunteerism. All publicly funded Oakville High Schools and adult learning continuing education centres are eligible to participate. Past recipients are also eligible to apply for scholarships throughout their first post-secondary education pursuit. Typically, the financial needs do not disappear after the first year, and neither do we! Over the years, 1.4 million dollars in scholarships have been granted!


High School Applicants – Due Date is April 17, 2024

Past Recipient Application – Due Date is March 20, 2024

Please visit the May Court Scholarship Program located in About Us for additional information.

If you have any queries please email – scholarships@maycourt.ca


We want to thank the following donors for their continued support:

The Touchpoint Foundation (through The Goddard Private Client Group} – Supporter Since 2008

Walton Family Foundation – Supporter Since 2012


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Halton Region provides shelter to many women and children in the community who are experiencing life challenges such as abuse or homelessness. Many times, these women and children enter shelters during a crisis and only carry a few personal items with them. May Court identified a need for personal care items for residents and created a program to provide these women with much needed items. Our volunteers purchase and deliver personal care items each month to three different shelters.


May Court loves to build relationships with other community organizations looking for volunteers to help them run their day to day operations.

Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House:  May Court Club volunteers are active members supporting cancer patients and their families in various capacities at the centre including peer support, assisting with large fundraisers, administrative work and various roles within the home. Wellspring provides a wide variety of programming and the home provides a warm welcoming place for those seeking support while dealing with cancer.

Wyndham Manor:  May Court volunteers spend time with Wyndham Manor residents with activities such as reading, playing board games or simply having a conversation.

Food 4 Kids:  May Court volunteers work on a monthly basis to pack nutritious food for children to take home on the weekends. This registered charity strives to close the nutritional gap of needy families in the Halton region.

Global Medic: May Court volunteers meet monthly at the local Global Medic facility named McAntony’s Menu Food Program. Dry goods such as chickpeas, lentils, rice etc., are packed in 500g bags for local community shelters and food agencies. 


If you are interested in supporting any of our programs through sponsorship or donation, please contact our  (Sponsorship Director) and let’s start a discussion!  Thank you!